Seedlip – Spice 94

Spice 94

Our Review

Unlike Grove 42, Spice 94 had our whole team on the same page. With no division between the ranks, it definitely seemed to be a crowd-pleaser.

In order to get the best results out of this drink we decided to try it in three different ways:

  1. On its own
  2. Spice & Tonic (A faux Gin and Tonic)
  3. Spice and Ginger Beer.



Just Seedlip Spice 94

Surprisingly enough and unlike a lot of other alcohol-free drinks, Spice 94 really does stand up on its own and also goes for a run. Its spiciness – cardamon, and black pepper – really leave you satisfied and give a slight burning after taste, that which can be associated with alcohol itself.

Spice and Tonic

We loved this combination even though simple. It is a perfect drink for after a long day at the office or even when having friends over. The Spice is not lost in this combination due to the subtlety of the tonic and they both go together really well.

Spice and ginger Beer

This for our team was the most interesting combination and probably our favourite. Even though the heat from the Ginger was still the main taste, the whole drink had a peppery after note that was delicious. We highly recommend this combination to anyone who is a fan of Ginger beer / ale. Ginger, Pepper and Cardamon seem to work brilliantly.

Our overall thoughts for this drink are not as expected. Due to the slight disappointment of the Grove 42 drink, we did not have our hopes up that high. However, we can see Spice 92 going well with a lot of other combinations and we can’t wait to try them out.