10 Best AF Drinks Bundles for the Sober Curious Beginner


Wanting to go sober but don’t know where to start? Tired of the same old AF drinks and want to expand your horizons? Look no further.

Here at It’s Sober Rated we have your back. We have compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best companies offering amazing mixed packs of alcohol-free drinks. It’s the best way to start navigating this landscape as you can taste and sample multiple different beverages before committing. Until you find the ones for you. There’s so much choice out there but if you let these mixed packs do the hard work for you, you can sit back, relax and just crack open a cold one! If that sounds good, read our list of the top 10:

Good Stuff Drinks

Best for: Beer

Good Stuff Drinks has a great range of mixed packs on offer. They have an array of beer bundles, which are great value for money. They have picked out their 6 favourite beers for you in one bundle, which could be the perfect place to start sampling. They also offer themed packs such as their post-workout beer bundle or their refreshing beers pack. But that’s not all! They also have a mixed pack of wine, offering a white, a red and a rose. We’re sold.

Wise Bar Tender

Best for: Vegan and Gluten-Free

Wise Bar Tender offers a very extensive range of mixed packs. They have mixed packs of beers, wines, spirits and fizz. Making it super easy for you to venture into the alcohol-free realm and dabble in all sorts. Especially easy if you’re vegan or gluten intolerant as they have kindly marked their bundles with stickers denoting them as vegan or gluten-free. They have a good selection of these!


Delicious Drinks Shop

Best for: Wine

If you prefer wine, fizz or spirits but are unsure of where to start, The Delicious Drinks Shop has done the hard work for you and pre-selected some of their favourite tipples. They offer quite a great range of wines in different mixed packs. You can get packs of different reds, roses, whites or sparkling to try. They also have packs of Seedlip or Herbie paired with Fever-Tree Tonics. Yum!



The Dry Drinker

Best for: The picky beer lover

The exciting thing for the discerning beer lover about the dry drinker is that they offer mixed packs of pick and mix beers. Essentially, you can pick your favourite beers in whatever combination you desire and voila, you have your dream bundle on its way to you. They offer bundles of 12 or 24 beers of your choice. It’s like Christmas come early!




The Alcohol Free Company Ltd

Best for: Gift Bundles

You can find mixed packs of beers, sparkling wines and spirits at The Alcohol Free Company Ltd. They offer smaller bundles that could be gifted to a sober curious loved one (or to yourself, of course!). They have a bundle of 4 beers with a glass and beer mat or one consisting of alcohol-free gin with a sober survival guidebook; the perfect thoughtful gift. They also have a bundle containing 3 small bottles of different flavours of alcohol-free gin and another, which consists of gin and tonics and Cuba Libres. Enough to pique anyone’s interest!

Other bundles

The Belgian Beer Company

Here is another distributor offering mixed pack bundles of alcohol-free beers, this time Belgian. They offer a bundle of award-winning beers as well as one of the fruity tones. They even do Christmas and Oktoberfest beer bundles to get you in a celebratory, festive mood.



Zerholic do 3 different beer mixed bundles. One of them is a pack of 10 cans of beer, which is very popular. They are good value for money and offer an excellent way to sample various different types of beer until you find the ones you love. We’re sure it won’t take long!


Beerhawk is a company selling alcoholic beers but they also have a good range of alcohol-free ones. They offer a generous mixed pack of non-alcoholic beers that offers a great selection. They only do the one bundle but it looks like a pretty good option at excellent value for money.

Beer Wulf

If you’re an avid beer fan, Beer Wulf could be the place for you. They sell alcoholic beers but with a wide range of different non-alcoholic craft beers, they’re a good place to look. They offer crates of a selection of the tastiest AF beers. They only offer this one bundle but with 16 in the crate, it can be a great place to start sampling. So get to it!


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