Hop & Hemp

Easy Times IPA

Our Review

ABV: 0.5%

Overall rating 7/10.

It’s Sober Rated | We reviewed another beer by Hop and Hemp. This time we reviewed East Times IPA, full review below.

This is definitely a summer drink and very refreshing. The taste has an initial bitterness that is given by the hops, however, this is quickly followed by the Hemp, the taste of weed. Yep, you read that right, it actually tastes like weed. Now just a little disclaimer, this might have been a placebo effect or simply that we got it wrong.  However,  regardless of what the taste was (please feel free to disagree), we absolutely loved it and were intrigued by it.

Unlike the Lowdown Larger, this drink lacked in the sweet department and therefore making the drink very complex. If you are a seasoned IPA drinker, then this drink is for you, you will be used to its complexity and range of flavours. However, if you are a lager regular or are looking to try something new we highly recommend Hop & Hemps Lowdown Larger instead.

Saying that we polished off all 12 beers in a matter of hours and loved everyone.

We rate this drink 7/10