Hop & Hemp

Lowdown Larger

Our Review

ABV: 0.5%

Overall rating 9/10.

The Experience:

Within the CBD world, beers are becoming more and more popular with Hop and Hemp certainly leading the way. The CBD gives the drink a unique sweet taste (the Hemp) and a definite calming effect, making it a completely different experience. That’s not fair now is it @hopandhemp?  I mean it has CBD. C’MON! That is always going to make it more interesting.

However, we think that CBD beers should have their own category, you know, to make it fair for all the other none CBD beers.

The Taste:

Similar to a Lager it has a great balanced level of carbonation and like good Pilsners, it has a great Hoppy taste to it – so we do understand the similarities. However, the CBD (the Hemp part) gives it great sweetness and something else (we couldn’t figure that out, but that makes it fascinating.) Additionally, the drink definitely has a spice to it which acts as a great kick to the beer, mimicking the alcohol element that we are all so used to. Overall very sophisticated.

The Afterthoughts:

This beer is definitely a good one, up there with one of the best we have had so far. I can definitely imagine myself drinking this on a hot summers day, or at a BBQ. Great for the sober curious and a great drink for everyone. This drink definitely has the wow factor.