Our Review

During the Lockdown. Getting your hands on an AF beer in your weekly shop is not easy (especially if you are waiting 3 years for a delivery slot to become available). Then there is a limited option in supermarkets unless you order online which makes things even harder. However, a popular contender in most supermarkets is PUNK AF. This automatically puts it up a point as we AF folk need that sweet, sweet nectar during social distancing.


Right now for the review.

This drink is a lot lighter than Nanny State and the head it provides is not as satisfying. But what it lacks in head, it makes up in the aroma. The smell is punchy, powerful and very hoppy which has become a Brewdog trademark over the years. The taste is complex and you can definitely get those citrus notes (mango we think) as well as grassy ones too. For someone who has never been a big Brewdog kinda guy, I think this beer is great. It is well balanced and happy that I can find it in the shops.

A final note though, this drink has a more malty taste than Nanny State, so if that is not your cup of tea, then maybe you’d prefer Nanny State which is also a great drink and we have reviewed already.

Well done Brewdog. Good Creation!