Scavi & Ray


Our Review

ABV: 0.03%

Overall rating 8/10.

It’s Sober Rated | We reviewed a Prosecco by Scavi & Ray. Full review below.

This drink surprised us a lot. After hearing a lot of bad things about alcohol-free wines and bubblies, we just expected to be left feeling a little flat. Something that Prosecco should never really do. Instead, we were amazed at how refreshing it was and how great it tasted.

As we mentioned in our video (found on all our social media platforms) we were expecting it to be very bitter, however, instead, we found it to be floral and sweet. Great carbonation levels and overall very pleasant taste.

This bubbly drink will be great for any event, such as a wedding, the races, or New Year’s Eve. The bottle even looks like a real prosecco bottle (very fancy).

We couldn’t recommend this drink more and it is definitely Sober Rated. 8/10.

Well done Scavi and Ray.