Drop Bear

Bonfire Stout

Our Review

ABV: 0.3%

Vegan & Gluten-Free

Overall rating 7/10.

It’s Sober Rated | We reviewed another beer by Drop Bear. This time we reviewed Bonfire Stout, full review below.

With its smoky aromas, slightly burnt chocolate notes and a delicate coffee scent to it, it is definitely a strong combination that hits you straight away.

The taste is smokey too, it packs a punch that might put away the novices amongst us. The coffee, chocolate, and oat flavors are there in abundance, and well combined to create this aromatic stout. 

For us seeing as we’re not big Stout lovers in the first place, it was hard to look past the strength of the taste. Everything was very full-on, however, we can imagine that for a Stout veteran this is merely a walk in the park. We think that this is a brilliant Stout, however, not really our kind of drink. We will have to give this a 6/10.