Drop Bear

Tropical IPA

Our Review

ABV: 0.3%

Vegan & Glutten Free

Overall rating 7/10.

It’s Sober Rated | We reviewed a Tropical IPA by Drop Bear, this drink will be part of a series of two beers.

The Aroma is fairly complex, similar to a traditional Ale. The choice of Hops brings a fruity essence to it which is then followed by a strong malt aroma.

The Brand is awesome. We love the bear and the bottles look like they belong in the hand of a lumberjack or Ron Swanson.

The taste too is very complex and sophisticated. Firstly you are hit with the malt taste, which then is followed by great fruity notes later on. However, the taste is later dominated by the bitterness which takes over the after taste too.

If you are a fan of bitter Ales then Drop Bear Tropical IPA is definitely for you, however, if you are a novice to the game then this drink might be too much for you.

For us, it was a bit too much but we still thoroughly enjoyed it. This IPA is definitely Sober Rated and it scores a  7/10.