Hoegaarden 0.0%

Belgian Wheat Beer

Our Review

After doing some research online, we quickly found out that Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 0.0% is the non-alcoholic version of its alcoholic counterpart. Now we must make it clear that we have never tried the original one so we cannot say how close it is to that. We can only review the drink as it is

The Pour:
The first thing you notice is just how cloudy this beer is (as most wheat beers) and also the lack of carbonation also giving the pour very little head

The aroma:
The smell of wheat is extremely strong with this beer, however, you do also get citrusy notes (lemon)

The Taste:
The positives about the beer in our opinion are that it’s smooth and refreshing (when served cold) but that is where it ends. The fruity notes are mild and hidden behind a strong sweetness that for us was not pleasant at all – like a bad lemonade. Then after each sip, you are left with an unpleasant sweet and sour after taste that definitely doesn’t make you want to go back for more

This drink is not Sober Rated with a rating of 5/10.