West Berkshire Brewery


Our Review

ABV: 0.5%

Overall rating 7/10.

It’s Sober Rated | We reviewed a beer by West Berkshire Brewery. Full review below.

“Warning – Open this beer bottle carefully as it is a lively one.

Yes… we now have beer on our sofa!

Solo beer pours a large head and clear amber. The smell/aroma is incredible, both fruity and sweet, and builds up a high expectation for the taste. 

The first thing you notice when drinking it is the high level of carbonation and how refreshing it is, then you look for that powerful flavour that the aroma promised. Unfortunately, the taste did not punch us in the face but was still very pleasant.

The taste is like the aroma sweet and fruity followed by a little bitterness in the after taste. A very important note to make is that even though the taste did not live up to the smell, it was still great. Very refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

This beer is definitely Sober Rated with a score of 7/10. However, the aroma score of 9/10.”